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Friendly Links mainly sells automotive diagnostic products to foreign countries. The main distribution of the products have SKP-900 auto key programmer, VPC-100 car PIN code calculator, as well as a variety of automotive diagnostic equipment, odometer calibration tools, and some auto accessories. We are the authorized dealers for several well-known brand products, such as LAUNCH X-431, SM DSP 3, Yan Hua Digimaster III, ECUTOOL, SUPEROBD.....

Why Buy from Us?
We have 10 years sales and service experience in OBD2 field.
We always prepare enough stock for most items, so we can ship your order quickly.
We have the techinical support system, all technical problems can be tracked in member centre.
We have the ecutool order tracking system, all orders can be tracked in member centre.
You can contact us easily by several ways: online chatting, email, ask a question, and telephone.
We provide Live technical support in our working time.

Contact is so easy:

Live Support: Chat with online web reception, or MSN:, Skype: wangbaiyi
Submit your question: You can go to your member centre and submit your questions.
If you are not satisfied with our customer service staff, please send email to
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