• New SFD2 Vin Simulator for 2024 VW Audi Retrofit & Coding & Flashing
  • New SFD2 Vin Simulator for 2024 VW Audi Retrofit & Coding & Flashing

New SFD2 Vin Simulator for 2024 VW Audi Flashing Dynamic Tail Lights & Retrofit Keyless Entry / Lane Assist / 360 Camera / B&O Speaker

This SFD2 VIN Simulator is a powerful tool for 2024 new VW AUDI retrofit service. Support VW ID7, 2024 Audi A4L, A5L, Q5L, C8, B9...which equiped with  SFD2 protected.
This Simulator must work with VAS6154 VCI and ODIS software and GEKO online account together.
The listing price is for the simulator only. no VAS6154 VCI and ODIS software and GEKO online account.
Please contact us to activate your simulator after receiving the device.
MAX 10 VINs can be stored in the simulator. You need to get the VINs yourself. The saved VINs can be repeat use.
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  • New SFD2 Vin Simulator for 2024 VW Audi Retrofit & Coding & Flashing
  • Description
SFD2 device can be pluged in car obd to simulate the chassis number of highest level cars, and write the code, matching, and parameters via ODIS online.

How to find a suitable VIN?
To get a VIN must follow these rules:
- The VIN iss original and has never been modified.
- The car which with this VIN must be higher level and equiped with the modules and functions you want to retrofit.
- The original module part number and software version of the higher level car must be the same as the module to be modified.
- For more questions, please contact us

What retrofit functions can be performed with SFD2 device?
Note: This SFD2 Simulator must work with VAS6154 VCI and ODIS software and GEKO online account together.
Currently, we did test the following features:
2024 Audi A4L Dynamic Tail Lights Flashing
2024 Audi A5L Dynamic Tail Lights Flashing
2024 Audi A4L Keyless Entry Retrofit
2024 Audi Q5L Keyless Entry Retrofit  
2024 Audi C8 Lane Assist Retrofit
2024 Audi C8 MMI 360 Camera Retrofit
2024 Audi B9 B&O Soundsystem Retrofit
and more other features, It depends on whether you can find a suitable VIN...

How SFD2 device works?
Here, we take the steps of a 2024 A6 40 TFSI to activate the 360 camera function as an example:

1. Find a Audi 45 TFSI which original equiped with 360 overview camera features.Write down the VIN after confirming the HW and SW of the J794 module on it are same as the J794 of A6 40 TFSI car. 

2. Contact us to activate SFD2 simulator, and we will help you to save the VIN to the SFD2 tool via renote assistant.

3. Connect SFD2 device to A6 40 TFSI and 6154 VCI via OBD2 port.

4. Run ODIS software, click "Self diagnosis"

5. Check if the car VIN has been changed. Normally, the VIN here has been changed to the number that we have pre stored.

6. Click "Start diagnosis", step by step till to this page, select 005F

7. Right click 005F, select "Replace control unit"

8. Step by step, click "complete and continue"

9. Here must select "No"

10. Here must select "Yes"

11. Here must select "1"

12. Normally, Here the J794 activated.

13. Follow the prompts, click "complete and continue"

14. There will be a fault prompt at the end of the operation. Here select "1"

15. Check the A6 40 TFSI car after the ODIS diagnosis is completed. Without installing a 360 camera, if the left screen is white display, that means 360 overview feature has been successfully activated.

Is SFD and SFD2 the same?
No. SFD is a security method. SFD will lock down everything, so you'll need to ask permission to retrofit or change things.

SFD1 asks for a login code or a token on the module (e.g. 20103) to be able to change things.
SFD2 requires an online connection to the VAG servers and thus only possible with ODIS.

SFD1 authorization is required to unlock adaptation and codings such as new immo adapt and cp adapt for new MQB2020 platform cars.
SFD (Schutz FahrzeugDiagnose= Vehicle Diagnostic Protection) is not like the historic 5 x digit security codes that locked control modules of old.
For new MQB2020 platform, VW have adopted a lock out system that requires a license to access the ECU.  To get access to adaptations / coding and even output checks, ECU has to be unlocked by special Token.

Coding is becoming more and more difficult these days. 

There is newer protection against coding in certain models of Audi after 2023.09 built date. SFD2, which "hide" all controller except Gateway. The only module you could connect is 19-gateway...

If the car is SFD2 protected, you might not have any joy coding with any tool until this is sorted. All MY24 car have this updated security and its not possible to code in the central electrics module along with some other modules. No coding without approval. All codings are restricted before SFD2 unlock. The 5 number security code from the past (SFD1) isn't enough anymore.

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