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Xentry SCN Coding Error 40000 40001

This article is to say thanks to "Mr Jie" and his friend "Mr DJTOSKO"

We Got Mercedes XENTRY Latest Version on 2020-08-30

Mr Juan bought UPKEY SCN Subcription for 30 Days. We found that his xentry does not support SCN online. We sent him download link, and registered sucessfull after installed.
When we started testing on car, we login sucessed. all seems fine. But, we got errors when perform coding TCM.
We thought that might be  the software version incommpatible. So we uninstalled the V2020.09, Reinstalled with the V2020.06. But we got same errors.

Then we thought that might be car modules problem, then we tested on a 2012 Sprinter which working well without any fault. and same errors happened.

Mr Juan trying to get help on Google. I asked two friends and they checked via team viewer remote.Nothing helped. 

I was confused. I have a lot of customers who use our software, all working well, no one feedback or complained about this problem.

I became worried. "Can you help me" I asked my friends one by one on Skype, WhatsApp and WeChat.

Mr Jie said he can take a look. I sent him the team viewer info, he connected. 

He tested and sure that the C4 VCI is good working.

Then he checked the xentry, and found that some database missed. 

He called his German friend DJTOSKO. Mr DJTOSKO connected and transfered some files, finally, it works.