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Item Name OBD Tool For Honda Motorcycle
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Weight 500 Gram
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Introduction for OBD Tool For Honda Motorcycle
Available now for Honda motorcycles and marine engines, Kawasaki motorcycles, ATVs and Jet-Skis, Suzuki fuel injected motorcycles and ATVs.
Includes an interface module and a PC software, which allows the user to quickly determine the cause of the FI light coming on.
The user is able to read the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and clear them after the repair. Get the job done right with our professional ODB Tool!
Descriptions for OBD Tool For Honda Motorcycle

OBD Tool - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the minimum system requirement to run the software ?

All computers running Windows (any version) and having a USB
port will do. The minimum screen resolution is 1024x600.

2. How to use the tool ?

- Have the ignition key in OFF position.
- Connect the OBD tool connector to the 4-pole RED DLC plug of
the bike, and connect the USB plug to your Windows PC.
Warning: Never connect the OBD tool connector to a bike plug other than the RED plug.
- Start the OBD tool application.
- Select neutral, turn ignition On and have the engine stop switch
in RUN position.
- Press the "Connect" button. The engine parameters must be
shown on the screen.
- Start the engine if you wish to inspect parameters with the
engine running.

3. Some parameters do not show any value, why ?

This means your vehicle does not have such kind of sensor, or that
sensor data is not available through the OBD interface on your bike.

4. Can I get some description on the sensors ?

Yes, move your mouse on the sensor name and wait a second, an
infotip will appear.

5. The "Throttle position" value does not change from 0 to 100, is that
a problem ?

No, the value displayed here is not normalized and may vary from
bike to bike.
The ECM learns the minimum and maximum TPS values and then
knows how much throttle is applied.
The important thing is, the value should increase as you pull the
throttle. Graph view can be useful to detect sensor malfunction.

6. The "Advance" parameter does not seem to be correct.

All parameters shown by the OBD tool are read from the bike
computer, without modification. On certain bike models, the
ignition Advance value should be multiplied by 2 or 4 if you need to
know the real value.

7. What is the maximum measuring time ?

The measuring time is unlimited (depends only on available disk
space). The OBD Tool automatically starts the recording when you
connect to the ECM.

8. If I purchase the OBD tool and in the future you develop the tool for
other brands, will I be able to upgrade the existing tool or I'll have
to buy a new one ?

Our OBD Tool is brand specific.
Currently we have it only for Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki.
The OBD-H01 will support ALL new Honda FI models, and the
update is offered free of charge.
If you need a tool for both a Honda and e.g. a Suzuki, you'll need to
purchase both OBD Tool models.

9. What are the advantages of this product compared to the factory
HDS tool ?

- Cost is fraction of the factory tool, affordable even for
individuals and small repair shops.
- Connection to the ECM is MUCH easier and quicker, just press
the Connect button and the OBD Tool does the rest. No need to
enter the frame number, model, etc.
- All sensor values are shown at the same time, on one screen.
- Can be used on a dyno, also when the rear wheel is spinning.
- The measurements are captured automatically and can be saved
and played back from file.
- It is possible to monitor the sensors on Graph.
- The USB connection, compact size and auto setup make this
product portable and extremely easy to use.
- The software runs on any version of Windows, you can run it on
a hardware (laptop, netbook) of your choice.
- Rugged design, 100% weatherproof. Supplied in hard case.

10. How do I update the software ?

When you start the application and the computer has internet
connection, it will check for new version automatically. If a new
version is available, it will prompt you to update now or later.

11. How can I install or update the software on an off-line computer ?

Download the setup file from this link to a USB flash drive, then run
the setup on the off-line computer:

12. When printing to PDF, can I add my company information?

Yes, create a PrintHeader.png file with an image editing software,
such as Paint. You can add your company logo and contact
information the way you like.
The PrintHeader file must be saved in PNG format (24 bit) in
2280x228 pixels, and then save the file to this folder:
\Documents\HealTech\OBD Tool for Honda\Prints\

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Comments for OBD Tool For Honda Motorcycle

    by Alexalex, 04:49:00, 2016/8/6
Hy there, i want to know if i can use this tester on other bikes like Suzuki, Yamaha etc, without buying a separate unit. Can i only get different plugs or they match all bikes

Replied, by admin, at 17:40:00, 2016/8/11

dear friend
it is Available now for Honda motorcycles and marine engines, Kawasaki motorcycles, ATVs and Jet-Skis, Suzuki fuel injected motorcycles and ATVs.
if you have skype please add us to get more quicklier answer
our tech skype:tianorder
best regards

    by GERY60, 02:11:00, 2016/9/23
Hello, i want to know if i can use this tester on my bike, Honda ST1300A6.
The langage is it only english or the french langage is it possible
Best regards.

Replied, by admin, at 10:52:00, 2016/9/26

dear friend
thanks for your concern
1, it can support your Honda ST1300A6.
2, it only have English language .
also you can email to our tech support to get quicklier response;

best regards

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