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Item No. 3511096
Item Name BMW Multi Tool
Item Price US$819.98
Weight 500 Gram
Quantity 100 PCS in stock now!
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Accessories: CAS Socket $69.99
Introduction for BMW Multi Tool
BMW Multi Tool includes forth parts, hardware device, dongle, programmer, software. Before running software you must connect dongle and hardware device to computer.
Descriptions for BMW Multi Tool


3511113 - BMW CAS Socket, plus 69.99USD!


Top 5 Reasons to Get Multi Tool for BMW:

1. Language: English

2. Powerful Than AK300!!!

3. Support Encrypt CAS3 and CAS4

4. Software Version: V7.5

5. Get Free Encryption Authorization For BMW CAS4 Now!

Notice: Make Sure Connect Dongle to Computer Before Run the Software.

>> Newest Software Download for Multi Tool

Connection Picture Of Multi Tool for BMW:

V7.5 Update Tips For Multi Tool :

1.Free for all user: Make dealer key for CAS4 encrypt version, support add key and lost all key. No need condor authorize

2.Normal bugfix

V7.4 Update:

1. Fix the error that BMW CAS3+ smart key not work after generation.

2. Key learning -> fix up smart key change, enable to fix the error that smart key not work.

3. Fix the error that EWS generate dealer key but sometimes not work.

4. Fix other bug.


V7.3 Update tips:

1. Fix bug for Disable/Enalbe key for F-Series

2. Normal bugfix

V7.2 Update tips:

1. Add change km for CAS4 5M48H(File Change KM->CAS4 (5M48H))

2. Add Disable/Enalbe key for F-Series(Choose BMW F-Series->Key Learn->Enable key/Disable key)

3. For CAS4+ encrypt verison: If you make key with other tool, and the key only have remote, BWM Multi Tool can fix it to working key

4. Normal bugfix


V7.1 Update tips:

1. Fix bug for bind condor authorize: some pc can't connect BMW OBD and Condor automatic key cutting machine together

2. Normal bugfix


V7.0 Update tips:

1. This verison need newest firmware V1.0.6 support.

2. Support prepare dealer key for CAS4 encrypt verison. Need working key or ISN or DME/DDE dump file support(Need condor automatic key cutting machine authorize and update newest firmware)

3. Fix bug make key for CAS3+ encrypt version with ISN or DME/DDE dump file.

4. Add support for lost all key with ISTAP4* while not update CAS FLASH. You can find this in File Make dealer key.

5. Improving display in Hungarian 

6. Update user manual

7. Normal bugfix


BMW Multi Tool

Powerful than AK300!!!
BMW Multi Tool includes forth parts, hardware device, dongle, programmer, software. Before running software you must connect dongle and hardware device to computer.

1. OBD II CONNECTOR: Connects the tool to the vehicle's Data Link connector (DLC).
2. Dongle: USB dongle.
3. USB CONNECTOR: Connects the tool to the PC/Laptop through USB Cable.
4. Programmer: Program keys.
5. Programmer Female Pin: Connects programmer to device.
6. Programmer Male Pin: Connects programmer to device.

1.Operating Temperature: -20 to 70 C ( -4 to 158 F )
2. Storage Temperature: -40 to 85 C ( -40 to 185 F )
3. Diagnostic Interface: 16 PIN
4. USB Interface: USB 2.0
5. Power: DC 5 V - 12 V
6. Consumption: 1 W
7. Dimensions: Length 95 mm, Width 49 mm, Height 28 mm

Supported Functions:
1. Car access sytem dentification
3. Read/Write KM stored in CAS system(OBDII)
4. Read/Write synchronization codes stored in CAS system(OBDII)
5. Synchronize DME and CAS(OBDII)
6. Synchronize CAS and ELV(OBDII)
7. Prepare dealer key for CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS+(support latest CAS3 verison)(OBDII)
8. Read/Restore CAS KEY information(OBDII)
9. Disable/Enable key with working key(OBDII)
10. Clear DTC and Shadow (OBDII)
11. Prepare dealer key with CAS eeprom dump
12. Unlock dealer key prepared with our software with CAS eeprom dump or KEY information
13. Change KM in CAS and instrument dashboard with file dump
14. Have key programmer, you can programm dealer key directly.

1. Menu:
- Tool: you can choose language here, support "English" and "Chinese Simplified" Restart software to apply your settings.
- File Make Key: you can prepare dealer key with EWS and CAS EEPROM dump.
- Help: Device update. You can get your device and dongle id version and update it.

2. Protocal type:
Now BMT support there type of protocol: KWP-CAN BUS 100Kbps, KWP-CAN BUS 500Kbps, KWP-2000. "Auto Detect " function can help you to choose the right protocol. After choose protocol okay, then press "Connect". If connected success. All CAS info will display in CAS Identification. Include CAS number, VIN, production date, etc.

3. EEPROM Function:
Read EEPROM, Write EEPROM, Save File, Load File...
1)You should backup the CAS EEPROM before prepare dealer key. After succeed read EEPROM, please save it as back file. This step is very important.
2). Now can't read the whole EEPROM for cas3 system. But the main section is contained. It should be saved. When you read CAS EEPROM, it will give tips (Press ok to continue).

4. Odometer:
Support read and change KM stored in CAS system.
Don't support to change KM in instrument. If you want to change the KM display in instrument. You should change KM in CAS system first. Then modify the KM in instrument manually.

5. Synchronization Codes:
1). CAS3 code-DME, CAS3code-EGS: Read and write DME and EGS code stored in CAS3 system.
2). Synchronize DME and CAS - this function will be useful while prepare dealer key or any other operation which cause can't start the engine.
3). Synchronize CAS and ELV - this function can help clear wheel errors

6. Key Learn
Function introduction:
1). Get Key Info: With this function you can get the key cutting, remote frequency, and key data.
2). Save Key Info: Save the read key info.
3). Load Key Info: Load the saved key info. To see the key data and prepare for write key info.
4). Write Key Info: Write the loaded key info into CAS system.
5). Make Dealer Key: You can prepare dealer key after you get key info successfully. Also you should choose the key position.
6). Add key: Add the new dealer key into CAS system. Some CAS system needs this step to start the engine.
7). Enable Key: Insert the current key into ignition switch, press "Enable Key". The key after current key will be enabled.
8). Disable Key: Insert the current key into ignition switch, press "Disable key". The key after current key will be disabled.
9). Clear DTC: Before prepare dealer key and after it you can use this function to clear DTC.
10). Clear Shadow: Before prepare dealer key and after it you can use this function to clear Shadow.

7. File Make Key
1). Choose CAS or EWS type.
2). Load the choose EEPROM file you will get the make dealer key window.
3). Choose key position and press "Make Dealer Key" button. Flow the given tips to prepare dealer key. After succeed you can save the new EEPROM dump file.
- For EWS1, EWS2, EWS3, EWS4, CAS1, CAS2, CAS3 type the prepared dealer key can start the engine directly.
- For some CA3+ type you need to write back the new dump file into car.
4). CAS3 encrypt data, only OBDII prepare make key is support for CAS3 encrypt data.


Packing List:

1 * Multi Tool for BMW Main Unit

1 * USB Dongle




Q1: Could you please let me know if Multi Tool for BMW has EWS function ?

A1: Yes, it can do EWS, you need to detach the device then connect with CAS socket to read EWS data.

Q2: Can Multi Tool for BMW do BMW cas3 and cas3+ keys? For example, the 868 MHz key.

A2: Yes, BMW MULTI TOOL can do most kinds of BWM keys.

Add Key OBD:

cas3+ encrypt version -> no need to update CAS (no need for key cycling)

cas ISTAP4x version -> need to update cas (no need for key cycling)

Lost Key OBD:

cas3+ encrypt version -> no need to update CAS (need to cycle key UPTO 16 times)

cas ISTAP4x version -> need to update CAS (need to cycle key UPTO 64 times)


Add Key Dump Method (Lost or Working Key):

cas3+ encrypt version -> need to write back to CAS (needs either -working key / known ISN / ECU dump / or cycle UPTO 16 times)

cas ISTAP4x version -> no need to write back to cas (needs either -working key / known ISN / ECU dump / or cycle UPTO 64 times)

So the 64 cycle is really to save you having to downgrade the CAS but you still need to manually read the CAS for this option. For me this is still the best  way as theres no way I would downgrade the CAS (unless you made it very clear what this meant to the client)

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Skype: wangbaiyi
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Comments for BMW Multi Tool

    by fazz, 18:24:00, 2012/2/14
hi,can we see a demo video on this ?sort of continus shot?and does it work?thnx

Replied, by admin, at 17:27:00, 2012/2/15

Hello, we will deliver the user manual to our website soon, pls wait for it.

    by drpeter, 14:39:00, 2012/2/15
I can not see the CAS plug connector in the pictures, how can we connect direct to the CAS?

Replied, by admin, at 17:55:00, 2012/2/15

Hello, you need buy cas plug by yourself.

    by drpeter, 01:33:00, 2012/2/16
I don't understand? Where can we buy it, and how to connect to the CAS. You must connect 4 wires to the CAS, is it in the manual?

Replied, by admin, at 11:08:00, 2012/2/16

Hello, the supplier will publish the cas plug after some days later.
Then you can buy it.

    by Lanshakov, 21:44:00, 2012/6/16
have you the cable ews and cas for this tool?

Replied, by admin, at 23:29:00, 2012/6/20

Yes, we have it. Do you want them? How many pcs do you want? Pls send email to

    by Lanshakov, 19:35:00, 2012/10/16
where can i update this tool?
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