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Item No. 3503058
Item Name FIAT KM TOOL V1.4
Item Price US$25.47
Weight 100 Gram
Quantity 100 PCS in stock now!
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Introduction for FIAT KM TOOL V1.4
Correct mileage KM from OBD for Fiat cars
Descriptions for FIAT KM TOOL V1.4


Program KM from OBD FOR fiat CAR


Product description

Program KM from OBD FOR fiat CAR

support the cars as you may see in the above screen.

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Documents for FIAT KM TOOL V1.4

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Configuration for FIAT KM TOOL V1.4


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Comments for FIAT KM TOOL V1.4

    by Cardoso, 08:26:00, 2011/1/5
I bought this this cable OBD II came to the blz Brazil but for the functional software can not do my cable came without the dongle.already downloaded several softwares but nothing works

Replied, by admin, at 15:21:00, 2011/1/7

Hello, do you try these three software?

    by GLASSNER, 01:46:00, 2011/4/15
Works fine for a small price.

Replied, by admin, at 09:03:00, 2011/4/15

It works fine.

    by dedydj, 05:09:00, 2011/8/31
Where is the problem?
The message "communication error" Fiar Grande Punto

Replied, by admin, at 14:55:00, 2011/8/31

Hello, what system do you work?
You must run it on window XP system, and install the usb driver properly.

    by dedydj, 02:34:00, 2011/9/1
I have xp system, and also usb driver instaled
same problem,"communication error
I work with activaded.rar

Replied, by admin, at 14:19:00, 2011/9/1

Hello, can you contact our engineer? He said he remote for you to check your computer.
His MSN:

    by doblo, 04:20:00, 2011/10/18
Windows 7. Windows update auto drivers. Changed from Com7 to Com2.

Read always ok, Write works only after read. Fails 1 works 1.

Superb shipping and handling!


Replied, by admin, at 14:23:00, 2011/10/18

Thanks, it usually works on windows XP system.

    by Ivan_k_nibal, 22:06:00, 2011/11/15
Can I use v1.4 fiat km with elm 327 cable with port settings changes need speed for this driver giving comunication error

Replied, by admin, at 14:14:00, 2011/11/16

They can use one driver, but can not use the same software.
Can you use the fiat cable and software?

    by cardoso, 23:24:00, 2011/12/3
I have problem getting the Fiat Palio 2010 eeprom 24c16. thank you

Replied, by admin, at 12:01:00, 2011/12/5

Hello, pls read the supported car lists on our website, it does not support your car, does not support the car till 2010 year, either.

    by ljupco_bt, 05:42:00, 2012/2/24
I cant corect km to fiat stilo 2002 year??
fiat punto works ...ok
fiat linea 2010 year works..ok

Replied, by admin, at 16:48:00, 2012/2/24

Hello, it does not support stilo car model.

    by cardoso, 18:51:00, 2012/6/27
Hi you have to update this product here in Brazil with 24c16 fiat has gray plug OBD 2.

Replied, by admin, at 17:45:00, 2012/6/28

Sorry, we do not have new update.

    by tdor49, 04:27:00, 2012/12/24
This will not communicate with Grande Punto but it is in the application list.
Can you explain this??

Replied, by admin, at 17:02:00, 2012/12/24

Does it work with other car model? Thanks!

    by ElPeladete, 21:49:00, 2013/2/6
Hi. do you have a software for me to buy, so I can use my ELM327-BT?
I need to change the mileage of a fiat grande punto

Replied, by admin, at 11:08:00, 2013/2/16
This is the software we have.

    by ElPeladete, 22:21:00, 2013/3/4
I can麓t open the software.
It closes up in less than 1 second... do you know why?
do I have to install some driver first?
I tryed in WinXP, and Win7...

Replied, by admin, at 16:36:00, 2013/3/5

Yes, you must install driver.
Pls work it in windows xp system.

    by teris, 18:47:00, 2014/6/9
I have the same problem...How we can install the drivers??
...It has not any .exe into the usb driver folder!!!
Can you tell us the proccedure for windows xp sp3 plz??

Replied, by admin, at 10:39:00, 2014/6/10

Please kindly sent an email to
We will help you solve it

    by lorenzvee89, 03:38:00, 2015/11/11

Soe it work with a Alfa Rome Giulietta 201


Replied, by admin, at 16:38:00, 2015/11/11

it is only for Fiat cars

best regards

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