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Item No. 3501057
Item Name 6-in-1 Smart Auto Trip Computer ATC430-Trip Computer+GPS
Item Price US$99.99
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Weight 630 Gram
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Function A: TPMS Function(3535011) $129.99
This item will not sold to:CHAD, Iran
Introduction for 6-in-1 Smart Auto Trip Computer ATC430-Trip Computer+GPS
Smart Trip Computer ATC430 with 4.3 inch screen, Trip Computer + GPS + TPMS(Optional) + Oil statistics!
Descriptions for 6-in-1 Smart Auto Trip Computer ATC430-Trip Computer+GPS


* Trip Computer + GPS Navigator + TPMS (Optional function, plus 129.99USD) + Oil statistics.

* Four display mode: Ide, Cruise, Sport, Details.

* Multiple security alarm: Trouble code, Water temperature, Fatigue dricing, Over-speed, Shift reminding, Regular maintenance tips, etc.

* Multiple fault diagnosis: Read DTC, Clear DTC.

* Multiple fuel consumption: Static instant fuel consumption (L/H), Dynamic instant fuel consumption (L/100Km), Average consumption from cumulative total, etc.

* Real time display vehicle information: Vehicle speed, Instant fuel consumption, Intake air pressure, Acceleration, Coolant temperature, Oxygen sense voltage, etc.

* Applicable models: all modeles support the OBD standard.

* Language: Chinese, English, Spanish, Germany, etc.

* No need to rewire the original car line, to avoid dismantling the installation, plug and play, easy to use.



Host specifications:

LCD display: 4.3 inch TFT LCD, 272 pixel

OS: Wince. NET 6.0

Dimensions: 116 * 15 * 76 (mm)

GPS modules: high sensitivity receiver antenna

CPU: Mstar Semiconductor ARM9-MSB2521

Atenna sensitivity: -159dBm

CPU frequency: 600MHz

Receiving frequency: 1.5754GHz

Ram Memory: 128MB

Satellite channel: Channel 24

Flash Memory: 4G

Positioning accuracy: 10m


B302 Specifications:

Voltage: 8~36V

Electric Current (Charge status): 600mA

Electric Current (Normal status): 50mA

Standby Power: 0.6W



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Software for 6-in-1 Smart Auto Trip Computer ATC430-Trip Computer+GPS

Documents for 6-in-1 Smart Auto Trip Computer ATC430-Trip Computer+GPS

Configuration for 6-in-1 Smart Auto Trip Computer ATC430-Trip Computer+GPS

F.A.Q for 6-in-1 Smart Auto Trip Computer ATC430-Trip Computer+GPS

1.What can this item do?
Trip Computer + GPS + TPMS(Optional) + Oil statistics

2.What car or module can be supported by this item?
All the cars that support the OBD standard can be used, the domestic production of all models after 2007 have the OBD standard,so all can use the auto trip computer.

3.What all I can get if I buy this item?
You can get each of them, Host model , B302 model ,OBD plug with line, USB plug with line.

4.What can I do if the item has problem?
You can have specific technical support to deal with it by e-mail or Remote Support.You can learn more from .

5.How long wil the item quality guarantee?
we offer one year's quality guarantee for all products sold in You can request replacement or money back within 30 days after the item is delivered.

6.What is your return policy?
Authorized return must be shipped prepaid. Unless authorized and prepaid, return will be delayed in processing. Note: For your own protection, insure return shipment.You can learn more from .

7.What needs to be paid attention to when install and remove the auto trip computer?
Installation steps: (You must install in accordance with the following steps strictly, otherwise it may damage the device)
1. Turn off the engine key.
2. Connected the host, USB cable, the OBD diagnostic data line, auto trip computer bracket correctly.
3. To ensure safe, reliable and beautiful effect, the OBD diagnostic data line must be lined accordingto the characteristics of the car models.
4. Plug the OBD interface on the diagnostic data line into the car OBD
5. Switch auto trip computer the bracket(B302) to the ON position.
6. Turn on the car and turn on auto trip computer, make initialization settings according tothe hints on the host screen.

Removal procedure: we must first turn off the car keys, and then unplug the OBD diagnostic data line.

8. Why does the speed getting slower, one hundred kilometers instant fuel consumption is growing?
When Car in neutral gear, the oil is not off and the engine is in fuel injection situation and combustion, fuelconsumption is not 0.100Km instant fuel consumption = (100 * Cumulative injection quantity) / (speed * time). This time the engine fuel injection less and speed is slower, so driving 100Km need more time, when the speed is very slow, the time is almost infinite. According to the formula, this time the 100 km instant fuel consumption should be increasing.

9. After Smart Trip-computer run, some vehicle parameter??s display "----" or "No", how to do?
When first use, the system will automatically scan the vehicle mode of communication, and sometimes there will be more than one ID selector, If you do not choose rightly which will cause the system work improperly.Click the "Set" -- click on "Page Up" or "Page Down" -- View "Device settings" -- click the "Protocol", selec another group ID.

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